Smile and see better.

Smile more to improve your eyesight, but that's exactly what is going to happen. Now that sounds kind of idiotic, doesn't it?

Try a small experiment. Put a serious thinking face on. Pull your eyebrows together, put some tension on your forehead and feel how that affects your eyes. It's called frowning

Can you feel the tension all around your eyes? Can you feel how your eyes start to strain and get tired? You visual field isn't very wide, is it.

Now, smile. Put a huge grin on your face, a smile from ear to ear, let me see your teeth. Put a really big smile on and enjoy it!

Your visual field has expanded, hasn't it.

Where is your tension on the forehead? Are your eyebrows still pulled down? And how is your eyestrain?

You see, smiling releases hormones of happiness called endorphins. These endorphins make you feel better and relax the muscles in your body. They tell the whole body that everything is in great working order.They also relax your eye muscles, reducing eyestrain and tension. If you read any of my other articles you probably know that tension in your eyes is what causes nearsightedness or myopia.

Also, continuous tension in your neck muscles restricts blood and oxygen flow to your eye muscles, which is detrimental as well.So, if you start to smile more, smile intentionally, then you will improve your eyesight for sure.

To top it off, smiling just makes you feel good, more alive, and that alone promotes healing.

I think this is a great place to quote Dr Deepak Chopra, one of the leading cardiologists in the world. He said in his book Perfect Health,

"You can't have it only one way and say that negative emotions disturb your immune system. It must also be true that positive states of awareness will help you to get well."(Perfect Health, pp.148/149)

Most of us don't consider the healing effects of smiling. But they are tremendous, even though most people forget about that in their natural vision correction approach.To learn more about how can improve your eyesight, I'd like to invite you to my website for some free video content explaining exactly how you can improve your vision naturally.

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Evgania Mehler - Author & creator of Unleash Your Vision.

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