Aqueous humor

Aqueous humor is a thick, transparent liquid which is located between the lens and her cornea, previous space known as previous camera eye. The main function of the aqueous humor is the nurturing and oxygenate the eyeball structures that do not have blood as the cornea and the crystalline supply. This fluid pressure constantly certain in all directions; this is called intraocular pressure. This pressure may increase significantly, if not treated by a professional produced a disease known as glaucoma, which can lead to blindness.

Aqueous originates in the ciliary proccesses through leakage of blood capillaries; these are located in the rear camera eye. The aqueous humor flows through the pupil into anterior Chamber, which absorbed the trabecular towards the schlemn channel that finally drains it the venous circulation network. Under normal conditions is renewed completely every 90 minutes.The balance between production and resorption of the aqueous humor is paramount for intraocular pressure is kept within appropriate limits.

Aqueous humor is 98% composed of water, in which various substances such as proteins, enzymes, glucose, sodium and potassium are dissolved.Addition of the function above nutrition, contributes to the refraction of light penetrating the eye so that light converge in the retina, although refractive capacity is less than the lens.

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