What is vitreous humor

The vitreous humor is a transparent and viscous liquid that fills the internal space of the eyeball, between the lens and the retina. Also called vitreous body, it is in contact with the retina and helps keep it instead to lobby against the choroid, adhieriendose to it only in three places: on the front edge of the retina, the macula and optical disk.

Vitreous humor is produced by certain retinal cells.Contains very few cells, most of it are Phagocytic cells rolled material tombstone in the visual field, as well as Balazs, which processed the acid hialuronico hialocitos.

Vitreous humor is composed of water by 98%, a small percentage of collagen type II with hyaluronic acid, and low amount of protein fibres.It has a viscosity two to four times the pure water, which gives it a gelatinous consistency. Also has a refractive index of 1,336.

Unlike the aqueous humor which is constantly renewed, vitreous humor is stagnant.Thus if foreign cells, rest of blood or derivatives of an inflammatory process is introduced in the vitreous humour, will stay there indefinitely, unless you are them removed by surgery.

Dentro_de vitreous humor three parts can be distinguished: 1) hialoides or hialoidea membrane is a thin membrane that surrounds it out; 2) cortex that corresponds to the peripheral portion more dense; 3) the vitreous Center which has lower density.


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