Eye exercises for computor users

Eyestrain symptoms include: red, watery or irritated eyes; tired achy, or heavy feeling eyelids; trouble focusing; eye muscle spasms; and headache. These symptoms can often be relieved by changing the work environment, resting the eyes, exercising the eyes or wearing the proper glasses. We will talk about each one of these individually.

Changing the work environment

Position the monitor slightly farther away from you than you normally hold your reading material. A viewing distance of between 20 and 28 inches is good. Make sure the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. Put all material you are working with as close to the screen as possible and try to use a device that keeps it upright. This minimizes the need for your eyes to constantly focus and adjust.

Try to minimize light reflection and glare. You may need to move your desk so that bright lights are not in your field of vision. You can also change light bulbs to a lower wattage and get an anti-glare screen for over your monitor. Remember when your mother told you not to read in the dark or you would ruin your eyes. She was right. Don't use your computer in the dark either. The contrast between the light from the computer screen and the background light will strain your eyes.You can also adjust the contrast controls to be more pleasing to the eyes. Another thing to consider is using larger text. I promise no one will think you're getting old.

Rest your eyes.

Take frequent breaks. If you're in the workplace, just looking away for a few minutes will do. If you're at home, schedule regular breaks and make sure you take them. Continued viewing of the screen will lead to eye fatigue and that gritty feeling. Keep your eyes lubricated by blinking frequently. Most of us don't do this when we're focused on what we're doing. How can you remember to blink? Put a sticky note at the top of your screen with REMEMBER TO BLINK written on it. If that doesn't work or is too distracting, pretend your monitor is a person of the opposite sex and wink at it every so often ... use both eyes though.

Wearing The Proper Glasses

If you wear glasses, you may need to change lenses when using the computer. Some people don't normally wear corrective lenses but may need them for computer work. Check with your eye doctor to make sure you aren't straining your eyes by wearing the wrong lenses.

Healthy Eyes Are The Best Eyes

Keeping your eyes healthy should be as important as keeping your heart healthy. Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables that are high in beta carotene. Most yellow and orange vegetables fit into this category. Also, foods rich in lutein are beneficial to your eye health. These include leafy greens, corn and red peppers. So, you see, a healthy diet does more than nourish your body, it nourishes your eyes as well.

Take some eye exercise


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