Eyestrain exercises

Perhaps the most common cause of poor eyesight is eyestrain, and there are various ways you can help prevent strain as well as important eye exercises you can do to combat eye weakness and strengthen your eyesight.

With the weakening of your eye muscles, you start experiencing vision problems and will likely visit an optometrist. After a series of tests you are provided with eye crutches: glasses or contacts. While glasses or contacts improve your vision through technology, they do nothing to improve them naturally or for the long term. With time your eyesight becomes more and more dependent on these artificial methods, and gradually weaken with every passing day.

So how do you naturally improve your eyesight? Try some eye exercises to improve eyesight. These exercises are meant to strengthen your eye muscles and relax your eyes and hence improve your vision.

Some eye exercises to improve eyesight are solely targeted on simple conditions like short sightedness and long sightedness. These exercises help you to adjust to the long distant or short distant objects, whichever is your area of weakness. If you have decided to resort to some eye exercises to improve your eyesight, the first and foremost thing you must practice is to let your eyes relax. Strain in any form be it from reading books or watching too much of TV or sitting in front of the computer for long can weaken your eyesight.

Some eye exercises to improve eyesight include palming. Supposedly the best eye exercise, this is sure to improve your vision when practiced over a period of time. To practice this exercise you need to cup your palms on your eyes while keeping your elbows to rest on a hard surface such as a table. You should now relax and concentrate. People who have to sit in front of the computer monitors for long will find this exercise extremely beneficial.

Some eye exercises to improve eyesight also include some very basic relaxing techniques. For eyes that are tired and stressed due to prolonged work hours you can try some deep breathing first. Now you have to rub your hands to make it warm and cup the hands on your eyeballs. This works wonders for tired and stressed eyes. Another eye exercise would be blinking your eyes at regular intervals. Between each interval there should be a gap of five seconds. After repeating the procedure for a few times you can try massaging your eyes in circular motion of your fingers but take care to not be press to hard while massaging.

You can also find some eye exercises to improve eyesight on the online websites dedicated to vision and eyesight improvement.

One of the best websites to visit to learn more about natural vision correction is Better Eyesight Without Glasses, where you will learn about a variety of different methods to improve your eyesight naturally, including the Bates method eye exercises.

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