Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory

Sunglasses are arguably a complement of fashion. For many people as important as the bag or belt. But sunglasses are much more than that, they are a protection for our eyes against solar radiation. And in the same way we take care of our skin from the Sun and most of the moisturizers we use on a daily basis have a sun protection factor,we must take care of our eyes and use glasses to protect us from ultraviolet radiation ensuring complete protection against UV-A, UV-B radiation and if possible, also UV-C.

But as everything that has to do with fashion, many people choose sunglasses by design and not by the characteristics of the sunglasses, it seems wrong to purchase them in clothing stores, perfumeries, or worse yet, acquire them at the news stand with the newspaper of the day for a couple of bucks, or outlets at any beach promenade.

We all know that nobody gives hard earned money away and we all look for ways to make savings. Sure there are things we can compromose on, but believe me, sunglasses are not one of them.

Yearly consultations of ophthalmologists record numerous cases of patients with permanent injuries of anterior and posterior pole due to the sunlight. There are two seasons of the year in which such consultations proliferate, one is the ski season, when people think that the same sunglasses used daily will protect their eyesight in the snow and another is the summer. At this time the sun brighter than ever.

It is important that we take awareness of the consequences that this may have for our visual health and realise that cheap sunglasses do not protect us properly. Special care must be with the sunglasses that are our children use because their eyes are particularly sensitive.

Sunglasses can combine design, quality and eye protection. Buying glasses in opticians ensures that lens that we acquire gives adequate protection to our eyes.

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